Thank you for your interest in pursuing an education through Bible Enrichment School of Theology.  It is our belief that you have been placed at this school at this time for a divine plan God will reveal.  The staff and teachers here at Bible Enrichment School of Theology want to encourage you to challenge and stretch yourself to meet great expectations in the kingdom of God.  If you have the desire and potential to fulfill the diving plan of the call of God on your life, Bible Enrichment School of Theology is waiting for you.


Schedule of Tuition and Fees (2016-2017)

Application for Admissions (non-refundable)          $40.00

Application for Admissions (audit 2 classes)         $0

Guest Student Admission (per Subject)                $60.00

Tuition - Level One                                             $650.00 

Tuition - Level Two                                              $650.00

Comprehensive Study Skills Classes:

Enrolled School Student                                      $0

Public (per 4 classes)                                          $100.00  0r $25.00 per class



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Fall classes 2016 begin September 12, 2016. We accept applications all year.


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